Achieve Well being and Health!

Students at Hawi School of Middle Eastern Belly Dance

Hawi school

Learn belly dancing techniques, isolations, and combinations step by step. Understand the culture, capture the feeling of this exotic Eastern music and let each part of your body out to fluid dance style that Celebrates Beauty.
Belly dancing tones your body , harmonizes your routine daily moves and strengthens your muscles. Become healthier, look younger and feel happier!
Lift up your Spirit, drop off your Stress, and shimmy your way towards Fitness and Fun!

Our classes are all based in Braintree Essex.

Location: Braintree Town Centre with parking space

  • Tuesday evenings from  19:00-20:00 PM, (Intermediate level)
  • Tuesday evenings from 20:30-21:30 PM, (Beginners level)
  • Private lessons, one to one tuition, are also available at your comfort timing
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Hawi Students,Beginners Course

What to wear:

At our classes you need to wear anything that you feel good and comfortable in. This could be leggings, shorts or a long loose-fitting skirt, with a stretchy top. You need to be able to move around and stretch out with comfort.

The dance floor is wooden and so make sure you wear something which is not slippery.

There are hip scarves available to purchase at the class, if you have got one please bring with you. Hip scarves are important for belly dancing to emphasize the hip movements.

A towel and a drink could be essential.

And last but not the least please attend 10 minutes before the start of the lesson.

Everyone is welcome!!

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